Special ornithological reserve Palud - Palu'

In the special ornithological reserve Palud - Palù near Rovinj stands out the birdwatching offer for small groups of visitors and bird lovers. Birdwatching includes observation and study of birds with naked eye and with binoculars, telescopes and recently photographic equipment (e.g. cameras with powerful lenses). In the international framework this activity is called birdwatching, but in recent times the word birdwatching is also often used for. While birdwatching is mostly limited to visual observations of birds, birding includes an overall experience of bird identification by voice, song and behavior, so therefore better describes the breadth of the contemporary approach to birdwatching. Birdwatching has evolved during the late 19th century in the western countries as the United Kingdom, USA and Germany, when first natural science societies were founded. Since then the birdwatchers community is constantly increasing.

Birdwatching in the special ornithological reserve Palud - Palù takes place almost throughout the hole calendar year. From late February to late April there's the spring bird migration. From May until mid July there's the nesting season; followed by the migration of young waterbirds, ans it's also the most attractive time for birdwatching. The autumn migration lasts from September to late December, while in January birds can be observed on wintering in the reserve area. Over the years 219 bird species were registered.

Along the path there is an observation point which allows an uninterrupted observation of birds in their natural environment and behavior during feeding, nesting, resting and socialization. There is also an info center with a small permanent photo exhibition of birds taken in the reserve area.
The Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) is the distinctive sign of the special ornithological reserve Palud - Palu'.

Birdwatching with expert guidance in the special ornithological reserve Palud – Palu'

The visit to the special ornithological reserve Palud - Palu' is possible all the year round and the entrance is free. Birdwatching / birding with expert guidance for groups of up to 8 people (per group) takes about 2 hours and should be arranged by appointment. The birdwatching equipment is price included.

50,00 kn / person

GROUP of CHILDREN up to 15 years

40,00 kn / child


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